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NuZee, Inc. (OTC QB: NUZE), headquartered in Vista, California, is an innovative consumer products company addressing the rapidly growing market for personalized beverages by building proprietary beverage brands that offer functional and nutritional benefits. The Company has launched its initial family of functional beverages – Coffee Blenders® – believed to be the first line of gourmet specialty grade coffee offered in convenient single serve cups using only natural ingredients with clinically supported branded nutrients. Initially, the Coffee Blenders line will consist of three varieties: Relax Cup, with L-Tea Active® for Stress Reduction; Lean Cup, with Svetol® for Weight Wellness; and Think Cup, with Cereboost® for Cognitive Performance. NuZee plans to expand its family of functional coffees to include new functions and flavors beginning in the second half of 2015 and is currently exploring new beverage platforms beyond coffee. NuZee’s partner Coffee Blenders® has also recently launched a new format of brewing called Drip Cup. Drip Cup is a single-serve gourmet pour-over coffee. The Nude Cup(TM) uses just organic, 100% Arabica Coffee with no flavors or additives. NuZee plans to also extend this new brewing method into the functional formats as well as having in-house co-packing capabilities for other craft coffee collaboration opportunities.

NuZee’s products are considered healthy alternatives with all natural ingredients that provide an added wellness benefit when compared to the traditional non-fortified version of the same beverage. The Company works with experts in beverage, nutrition and flavoring sciences to ensure its products not only taste delicious but are also good-for-you using quality and natural ingredients with proven clinical research to support the functional efficacy. NuZee owns its formulas and is building a proprietary portfolio of formulas for functional beverages. NuZee’s operational approach is to develop and manufacture its products under strict guidelines for good manufacturing and food safety practices before releasing its products to the market. The Company is using multiple manufacturing partners, or co-packers, to scale its manufacturing capabilities. NuZee plans to sell its products directly to consumers through online e-commerce partners and retailers as well as through its own website portals.

“Svetol”® and “Cereboost”® are registered trademarks of Naturex. “L-Tea Active”® is a registered trademark of Blue California.
NuZee and Coffee Blenders are not affiliated with Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. 



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